Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution

Cooper and Bruning LLP has developed a national practice in the area of attorney fee dispute resolution and analysis.  Partners Brand Cooper and Robert Bruning each have over 20 years of experience in handling attorney fee review and dispute matters and have a team geared toward the efficient and accurate analysis of legal fee claims.


This area of discipline has resulted in a number of discrete and differing tasks which the firm routinely performs on a regular basis including the following:


  • Representation of Companies who require in-house counsel review and supervison of legal matters on an as-needed basis;

  • Contemporaneous and Retrospective reviews of legal charges for reasonableness and necessity;

  • Allocations of legal charges to determine the scope of the obligation of insurers and clients under fee-shifting contractual clauses and statutory provisions;

  • Providing Expert testimony by declaration and/or testimony;

  • Providing Expert reports to assist in the resolution of attorney fee dispute matters;

  • Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration and Settlement of attorney fee dispute matters.


The firm has represented a wide variety of clients ranging from business corporations, financial institutions, governmental entities, law firms, and insurance companies in almost every major city in the United States. The legal bills reviewed have involved litigation (as well as transactional work) of every type (e.g. lender liability, debtor and creditor issues, directors’ and officers’ liability, employer’s liability, environmental liability, product liability, mass disasters, tax controversies, and clergy abuse liability).


The firm has been retained by most of the major casualty insurers in the United States as well as the major international carriers. The firm has also been hired by a large number of law firms who need assistance with issues relating to legal representation and associated legal charges.


The unique computational and data base support for the firm’s practice in this area is provided through computer software designed by the members of the firm and offered by an affiliated computer support firm called Lauditors, Inc. The firm has achieved outstanding results for its clients and has saved and obtained for clients millions of dollars in attorney fees.