Business Transactions



Cooper & Bruning LLP has firm has experience in contract drafting, review, analysis and interpretation of a variety of legal agreements, including, but not limited to, insurance policies,  computer licensing agreements, commercial lease agreements, buy-sell agreements, commercial distribution agreements, intellectual property agreements, employment agreements, restrictive covenants, and sale/purchase of business agreements. Public agency and municipal assistance has involved numerous forms of public contracts including transmission service agreements, renewable power purchase agreements, interconnection agreements, groundwater cleanup agreements etc.


Legal Due Diligence

The firm conducts legal due diligence in relation to the potential purchase of a business entity, or the assets of a business, or the shares in a company.  

The firm undertakes limited or full scale due diligence depending upon the needs of the client and the particular transaction.  If an aspect of due diligence is beyond its expertise, the firm, with the consent of the client, teams up with experts on that particular aspect in a limited role in order to give the client the highest quality of service without the increased expense that an unlimited or uncontrolled retention may involve.  For instance, for tax, intellectual property or securities matters,expert may be retained for a limited and budgeted role.  In this manner, the client benefits from services of experts at manageable costs.