Outside Counsel Management

Cooper & Bruning LLP assists clients to develop and implement outside counsel management programs to monitor cost effectiveness in litigation as well as transactional matters. We perform the following functions:


(1) Outside Counsel Retention:

We have been retained by clients to locate and hire outside counsel, negotiate and/or draft the attorney fee services agreements. We advise clients on all aspects of the selection and retention of outside lawyers, from the utilization of competitive selection processes to the inclusion of specific cost control measures such as guidelines and threshold terms of agreement.


(2) Managing the Ongoing Relationship:

We assist clients to effectively monitor lawyer billings and performance. We find that the usual submission by lawyers of their billings in chronological form makes it difficult to evaluate the reasonableness of the charges on a month to month basis and therefore we have extensive computer-assisted capabilities. We are able to categorize and quantify the amount of charges billed for tasks which allows us to evaluate the reasonableness of the billings and identify abusive billing practices.

Our client services includes periodic monitoring of billings to ensure they are reasonable and conform to the requirements of the attorney services agreement.


(3) Challenging Excessive/Unreasonable/Unnecessary Charges:

We asist the clients in challenging and resolving billing charges which may be excessive, unreasonable or unnecessary. This process includes negotiation, mediation and arbitration. We act as the interface between the client and the lawyer and in this way are more capable of keeping the attorney-client relationship on good terms despite potential differences regarding the charges.