Attorney Fee Dispute Resolution

Cooper and Bruning LLP has developed a national practice in the area of attorney fee dispute review, analysis and resolution. Partners Brand Cooper and Robert Bruning collectively have over 50 years of experience in handling attorney fee review, audit and dispute matters and have a team geared toward the efficient and accurate analysis of legal fee claims. This area of discipline has resulted in a number of discrete and differing tasks which the firm routinely performs on a regular basis including the following:

  • Contemporaneous and Retrospective reviews of legal charges for reasonableness and necessity
  • Allocations of legal charges to determine the scope of the obligation of insurers and clients under fee-shifting contractual clauses and statutory provisions
  • Providing Expert reports to assist in the resolution of attorney fee dispute matters
  • Providing Expert testimony by declaration and/or testimony

The firm has represented a wide variety of clients nationwide ranging from business corporations, financial institutions, governmental entities, law firms, and insurance companies. The legal bills reviewed have involved litigation (as well as transactional work) of every type (e.g. lender liability, debtor and creditor issues, directors’ and officers’ liability, employer’s liability, environmental liability, product liability, mass disasters, tax controversies, intellectual property, Erisa liability, contractual liability, partnership liability, crypto-currency liability, civil rights, governmental liability and clergy abuse liability).

The firm has been hired by a large number of law firms who need assistance with issues relating to legal matters involving liability for legal fees. The firm has also been retained by most of the major casualty insurers in the United States as well as the major international carriers. The firm has also represented a large number of governmental entities.

The unique computational and data base support for the firm’s practice in this area is provided through computer software designed by the members of the firm to address the difficulties involved in unraveling large amounts of legal billing. This software program is called Lauditors. The firm has achieved outstanding results for its clients and has assisted in saving and obtaining for clients millions of dollars in attorney fees.

Hire an Attorney Fee Expert in California through Cooper Law

We, at Cooper & Bruning LLP, have over 40 years of experience in resolving attorney fee disputes between clients and attorneys. As a nationally-recognized attorney fee expert, our experience enables us to assess the charges and performance of other lawyers from a neutral and balanced perspective. Our firm has represented a wide array of clients nationwide, inclusive of insurance companies, law firms, government entities or business corporations.

Disputes can occur between a client and attorney owing to disagreements over attorney fee. There are a variety of reasons for attorney fee disputes to arise – the following are the most common:

  • Attorneys overbilling their client
  • Attorneys pushing over their firm’s high turnover rates to their client
  • Failing to settle upon a fee arrangement from the beginning

Trusted Counsel for Attorney Fee Review – Cooper & Bruning LLP

Harnessing the use of Lauditors, a unique computational software, our teams work to unravel large amounts of legal billing. Through the use of assisted technology, we help our clients save or claim millions of dollars in attorney fees. Known for our nation-wide attorney fee dispute review, analysis and resolution, we direct our resources towards the accurate analysis of legal fee claims. Following are the layers of processes our team undertakes when evaluating whether it is favorable for our client to proceed with court proceedings or settle matters out-of-court.

  • Reviewing all outcomes possible through a trial or arbitration, including evaluating the success ratio of each course of action;
  • Retrospective and simultaneous review of legal charges;
  • Drawing up expert reports to facilitate the resolution of attorney fee dispute matters;
  • Providing expert testimony by testimony or declaration.

Our team analyzes the extent and nature of the attorney’s services provided against the calculated and categorized legal fees billed. Our primary priority is to deliver an objective evaluation to our clientele so that a determination can be made of what legal charges are applicable to our client. Our attorney fee review process offers a thorough examination of each detail, and we are known for providing personalized legal representation to our clientele.

Specialists of Attorney Fee Audit in California

In the state of California and all across the country, it is increasingly becoming common for powerful attorneys to overcharge their clients or demand payment of legal services they never provided for. A lot of lawyers are known to perform unnecessary work or intentionally inflate the time spent working on a legal matter – causing a breach of their fiduciary duty. Therefore, when a legal bill indicates that an attorney has engaged in unethical billing practices, it then becomes imperative to carry out an attorney fee audit. When disputes are not resolved informally, litigation becomes necessary for reaching a resolution.

We’ve collectively analyzed and reviewed countless attorney fee disputes, allowing us to take a step-by-step approach for resolving disputes. We will work to resolve your legal fee dispute efficiently and quickly that makes sure your rights are protected. Wielding years of experience, our team is well-acquainted with varying federal and state laws and are known for providing expert testimonies for both opposing and supporting attorney fee claims.

Conduct Allocation of An Attorneys Fees in California with Cooper & Bruning LLP

Our team of attorneys stay on the cutting edge of attorney fee disputes and can provide advice and legal representation in federal or state courts. Using our allocation of an attorney’s fees service, we evaluate the amount of time invested in handling a legal matter, analyze the time limitations imposed on the attorney, review the particular set of specialist skills required from the attorney, and etc. Having carved our reputation through legally assisting some of the best corporations in the country, our attorney fee allocation facility works to best serve our client’s interest.

So, whether our client requires assistance for matters involving liability for legal fees or whether our client seeks to sue their former legal counsel, Cooper & Bruning LLP has an established track record of achieving outstanding results.

Determine an Attorneys Fees through the Lodestar Method

As a part of the client-attorney relationship, each attorney is entitled to know their client’s disapproval with the provided legal bills. To settle matters outside the courtroom, a client should communicate all discrepancies or inconsistencies they find within the bills they’re charged. However, failure to reach a mutual decision should prompt clients to reach out for our help.

We analyze an attorney’s fees through the Lodestar method. Utilizing a method that multiplies the number of hours reasonably spent by a judicious hourly rate, we at Cooper & Bruning LLP aim to ensure our clients pay and receive appropriate compensation for the services provided/received. Hence, if our clients are seeking a successful outcome for an attorney fee dispute, then our well-equipped team can be the solution for their legal disputes.