Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bruning each have more than 40 years of providing personalized quality legal services to a wide spectrum of clients consisting of Fortune 500 companies, insurance carriers, governmental entities, small businesses, individuals, and law firms. The firm has a wide range of experience in civil litigation including numerous practice areas such as intellectual property, real estate, tort, civil rights, contractual and partnership disputes, legal malpractice, insurance coverage, bad faith, public agency and municipal utility representation. 

It is this experience that allows the firm to evaluate the performance and charges of other lawyers from a fair and balanced perspective. Brand Cooper is a nationally recognized expert in attorney fee dispute resolution. Mr. Cooper developed this expertise over the last 25 years beginning at a point in time when this specialty was in its infancy. Since the mid-eighties, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bruning have collectively reviewed and analyzed countless legal matters including legal charges totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. 

In the course of their work in this specialty, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Bruning have achieved outstanding results for their clients and have assisted in the savings and procurement of literally millions of dollars. The firm has been retained to provide expert testimony in opposition to and in support of attorney fee claims and petitions in state and federal courts, bankruptcy courts and in mediations and arbitrations.