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What Is Attorney Fee Litigation
Disputes are an inevitability. Given the sensitive information and high-stake matters that lawyers deal with, most attorneys see to it that they charge a compensatory amount for their services. With years of practice and education backing their skillset, lawyers bill their clients according to the expertise they bring forth. Yet, disagreements between clients and attorneys...
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The Importance of Attorney Fee Review
According to the California State Bar, most legal bills are inflated by at least 10-30%. Largely overlooked, exaggerated legal bills are becoming increasingly common within the US. It won’t be unfair to say most, if not all, legal bills are slightly inflated. A breach of the fiduciary responsibility present between the lawyer and the client,...
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What Are Attorney Fee Disputes
Lawyers in each part of the world are expensive. To reach the stature they reach, a lawyer has to undergo a minimum of seven years of schooling paired with extensive legal practice. Being one of the most highly-educated individuals, lawyers are equipped with a diverse range of knowledge and skillset. Due to the unique environment,...
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About Us

Brand Cooper is a nationally recognized expert in Attorney Fee Dispute resolution which is the firm’s flagship practice area. The firm has been retained to provide expert testimony in opposition to and in support of attorney fee claims and petitions in state and federal courts, bankruptcy courts and in mediations and arbitrations.