Resolve an Attorney Fee Dispute

The job of a lawyer isn’t easy. Despite all its rewarding facets, the work itself requires experience, resourcefulness and intellect. Bearing the responsibility of excessive workload and the fiduciary relationship they share with their client, lawyers are under constant stress. With everything depending on whether an attorney can win a case for their client, attorneys are considered some of the most important professionals. Backed by a specialist skillset, attorneys bill their client according to the prowess they bring to the table. Yet, despite the stakes involved, disputes between attorneys and clients have reached a record level.

From time to time, discrepancies occur between a client and attorney related to attorney fees. In ideal scenarios, an attorney and client can reach an agreement regarding the attorney fees before the work is begun, and that settlement is typically adequate for the entire duration of the legal case. However, with certain lawyers taking advantage of their position and certain clients failing to pay their dues, an attorney fee dispute can become a cause of concern. A certain proportion of attorneys inflate the stated time they’ve spent handling a client’s legal matter or either perform unnecessary services to increase their charges.

Settle Attorney Fee Disputes With an Attorney Fee Expert

To avoid pointless escalation, it is important for a client to first provide their attorney with an opportunity to explain their billed charges and hours if they are in disagreement with the bill they’ve received. No matter the urgency, clients shouldn’t rush matters, as it’s more important for the client and attorney to have a discussion. At liberty to be aware of their client’s disagreement, a client should make it a point to communicate any discrepancies they find within their billed charges. That said, if discussions fail to produce any mutually-advantageous decision, the matter should then be dealt with through arbitration, mediation or even litigation. Following are some of the most common attorney fee disputes that can be resolved by consulting with an attorney fee expert.

  • A lawsuit by a client against their former law firm, due to evidence of them being overbilled by their attorney.
  • A lawsuit by a law firm against their for+ok
  • mer client, in cases where a client refuses to clear the dues of the legal services acquired by them.
  • A scenario where a law firm has been wrongly sued for an attorney fee claim by an indignant, resentful client.

How Cooper Law Can Help In Resolving Attorney Fee Disputes?

A nationally recognized attorney-fee expert, Cooper Law has over 40 years of experience in resolving attorney fee disputes between attorneys and clients. Their law firm has represented a wide variety of clients, which are inclusive of other law firms, business corporations, insurance companies and government entities. Using assisted technology, Cooper Law directs its resources for ensuring accurate, comprehensive analysis of legal fee claims. Therefore, if clients are seeking a successful outcome for an attorney fee dispute, they can rely on Cooper Law’s team to handle the matter professionally.