Attorney Fee Allocation
A cause of strain and stress, attorney fee disputes have become a common issue in an attorney-client relationship. Usually disregarded, overly inflated legal bills are becoming increasingly frequent. A breach of the fiduciary duty present between a client and an attorney, intentionally overstating charges or failing to pay attorney fee for any provided legal services...
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Avoid Billing & Fee Disputes
The legal industry is a complex world. With high-stakes, sensitive issues, and expensive compensation involved, the possibility of disputes arising is inevitable. Equipped with a specialist skillset and credible experience, each lawyer bills their clients according to the legal counsel required. Nonetheless, discrepancies and disputes between attorneys and clients have reached an all-time high. This...
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Resolve an Attorney Fee Dispute
The job of a lawyer isn’t easy. Despite all its rewarding facets, the work itself requires experience, resourcefulness and intellect. Bearing the responsibility of excessive workload and the fiduciary relationship they share with their client, lawyers are under constant stress. With everything depending on whether an attorney can win a case for their client, attorneys...
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Sttorney Fee Review Guide
Given their unfamiliarity with the nature of the job, most clients are unaware of the criteria used by attorneys for calculating their expenses. Taking unfair advantage of their position, certain attorneys deliberately inflate their attorney fee charges. Notorious for undertaking pointless tasks, block billing, overbilling and pushing over their high turn-over charges to their clients,...
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Attorney Fee Audit
In the state of California, inflation of legal bills or demanding unjust payment for legal services is reaching unprecedented heights. A majority of attorneys are known to deliberately inflate their bills, through carrying out unnecessary tasks, block-billing, overbilling or through pushing over high turn-over costs to their client. With unreasonable attorney fees becoming common and...
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Brand Cooper is a nationally recognized expert in Attorney Fee Dispute resolution which is the firm’s flagship practice area. The firm has been retained to provide expert testimony in opposition to and in support of attorney fee claims and petitions in state and federal courts, bankruptcy courts and in mediations and arbitrations.